Trinity Treasury management system (TMS)

This question is all about saving time & money by streamlining your treasury process.

The TRINITY TMS can optimize your:

  • Payment process:
    • Create your payment files and send them to your banks via your existing EB system(s).
    • Set up a global payment factory
  • Trade finance process: our Letters of Credit & Guarantee module is the most advanced in the market.
  • Intercompany invoicing process: Setting up a global netting centre is easy!
  • System integration: the TRINITY TMS can be integrated with external systems.

The key questions a treasurer faces every day:

How much cash do I have? Liquidity module
Has my risk changed? Risk management module
What actions do I need to take? Financial Transactions module
How do I stay ahead of the game? Payments, Letters of Credit / Guarantees module
Start today! Standard module

And other specialized modules and functions:

CFO Reporting    Interface    Netting Module