Management Data Praha provides services to financial institutions as well as corporates from the largest ones to startups.

We are specialized in 6 major areas:

We distribute and support software applications developed by our partners, which are generally the world leaders in their business field.

Within the software implementation we offer project management to our clients including elaboration of primary analysis and feasibility study, integration of the application with the customers environment, product localization, implementation, testing and setting into live operation. We also customize products according to individual customers’ requirements.

Integral parts of our services are also consultant services and training for banks staff as well as their clients. For all products we ensure “help desk” operation (24/7 for selected products), for electronic banking we provide also services to banks clients including “hot line” operation.

We hold regular user meetings for our customers, which contribute to reciprocal exchange of knowledge and experience and helps us also to further develop products and adjust each product to the latest trends.