Solutions for Banks

Digital Solutions for Banks: innovative and customer-oriented

Since its foundation, Omikron has delivered innovative e-banking solutions, which are constantly maintained in close cooperation with our extensive banking community, comprising over 250 banks worldwide. Our strategy is to provide a flexible, modern and open platform for banks and banking groups to deliver transaction banking services to SMEs and corporates. We aim to ensure that each of our banking partners can build its own, competitive solution suite from the rich range of options available. Our focus on open design results in a platform with multiple client channels, flexible workflow management and a capability to integrate and add external services and APIs as needed.

Based on this mission statement, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for the needs of banks and their corporate customers:

The MultiCash Communication Platform is a central touchpoint for the bank’s customers who use the banks transaction services via Online Banking, Mobile banking or standardized customer-bank communication channels like EBICS. The platform delivers users of the system a convenient customer journey, omni-channel experience and real-time services – encompassing all the user’s banks, if needed.
MultiCash® and MultiCash Transfer AutoClient deliver powerful Electronic Banking functionality for implementation within the corporate. This meets the requirement of corporate clients for in-house tools which are closely integrated and provide a bridge between their internal systems and their bank(s). These options allow banks to enrich their product range and meet the need of their most valuable corporate clients.


Features and Options

  • Rich functional range based on a comprehensive Digital Banking portfolio, with a modular, omni-channel design
  • International focus with integration of multiple formats, languages and Transaction Banking services
  • Easy integration of additional applications due to the transparent and open architecture
  • Robust and central platform with a high level of flexibility to support multiple options at all levels
  • Comprehensive protection against internal or external manipulation by compliance with the highest security standards