Here you can find all input and output formats for the MultiCash program and templates of payment files and account statements in the electronic form. Below, we also provide links to the most commonly used national Czech Banking Association's formats for XML communication.

We can program the conversion bridge for you upon your request and order. The price is always set after the initial analysis and reflects the client´s requirements. When creating the conversion program for the Czech domestic and foreign payment orders use the formats below.

Download format descriptions

Note: Format descriptions are valid for current MultiCash program version.

General rules and recommendations


Domestic and foreign payment files are expected by the program in the subdirectory ..\MCCWIN\*.CF*

Files of account statements in the SWIFT MT940 format are saved by the program in the subdirectory ..\MCCWIN\*.STA
Account statements can be exported from the MultiCash program also in the TXT format according to the fields predefined by the user.

If you create conversion program also for downloading account statements from the MultiCash program to your system of accounting, use the model files:

  • For Česká spořitelna - "ČS MT 940 a pole 86.doc", as the example of the file we recommend to use the real file from the client for whom you create the conversion  
  • For ČSOB MultiCash 24 – the sample account statement "CSOB.sta" but we recommend to use the real file from the client.
  • For UniCredit Bank - "Pole 86 UniCredit Bank.doc", the example of the account statement is UniCredit Bank orig.sta but we recommend to ask the client to provide file *.STA

Czech Banking Association's national formats for XML communication

Links for downloading the most frequently searched CBA's formats (Electronic account statement (camt.053), Customer Account Report (camt.052), Bank Services Billing Statement (camt.086)) for XML bank-client communication in current versions can be found here:

At this place you will also find the formats pain.001 (domestic and foreign payments, SEPA payment), pain.008 (domestic direct debit, SEPA direct debit) and pain.002 (transaction status).

Please note that all formats are provided in Czech language only.