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The heart of the TRINITY TMS system is the so-called Standard Module, which covers all common basic functionalities necessary for the management of your transactions, bank accounts, user rights, as well as the preparation of payments and journal items. The module already contains an easily customizable report generator.

When it comes to static data management, the TRINITY TMS system is very easy to set up and manage compared to many others. If static data is already available, for example in an ERP system or in Excel, we will prepare such an interface in cooperation with TRINITY so that the data can be imported and mapped to the correct field in the database.

This module is also used to set up a so-called in-house bank.

The basic module contains all the necessary activities for the function module you have selected.

All you need to do is:

  • Set up the users & groups
  • Set up the in- and external parties
  • Set up your bank accounts
  • Define your company structure

Trinity TMS can be put into operation in a very short time.

Key Functions:

  • Static Data Management
    • Internal- and External Entities
    • Company Structure (Aggregations by e.g. region, industries)
    • Bank Accounts
    • Authorisations
  • Management of financial transactions
    • FX transactions
    • Deposits / Loans
    • Derivatives
    • Account Transactions / Balances
    • Operational Transactions
    • Bonds, Shares

"Why do things manually when it's not necessary", that's the philosophy of the standard TRINITY TMS module.

This is done in the Standard module. The TRINITY TMS can be set up very quick.