Netting module

The advantage of netting internal payables and receivables is twofold. First, corporates can save unnecessary bank fees since internal invoices are “netted”. Secondly, they can hedge their risks from a HQ perspective, rather than from a local subsidiary point of view. This also creates costs benefits related to hedging.
Through the aggregation of all payables and receivables for each subsidiary, the net position can be calculated and invoicing can be set up. Settlement of the net amounts can be effectuated either through internal current accounts or via a physical payment to a bank account.
TRINITY offers a comprehensive and efficient solution that is easy to implement. This process is set up as a workflow whereby disputes can be managed in a professional and structured way.

Key features:

  • Import of internal debts from your ERP system
  • Web based entry and reconciliation of payables and receivables
  • Workflow-based approval process (including dispute management)
  • Automatic aggregation of internal debts to a net position by company, currency and time
  • Automatic generation of netting invoices
  • Management of the settlement process through current account or via external bank payments
  • Generation of interest rate calculation for internal netting accounts

This question is all about saving time & money by streamlining your treasury process. The TRINITY TMS can optimize your Intercompany invoicing process: Setting up a global netting centre is easy