How do I stay ahead of the game?

The TRINITY Guarantee Management module helps companies around the world by offering a tool that enables the web-based entry, the central administration and the flexible analysis of different types of issued and received guarantees.

TRINITY offers specialised screens to enter and analyse different kinds of guarantees, calculate commission fees, calculate the daily limit utilization and remind the responsible people about the maturities of the contracts. The communication with the dedicated banking partners can be done electronically.

Guarantees module key features

  • Implementation of workflow and/or approval processes during the entry
  • Calculation of contract specific commission plans with generation of settlement documents
  • Storage of the scanned documents linked with the entered deals in the central database
  • Linkage of deals with the according guarantee limits and controlling of the limits usage
  • Guarantee forecasting
  • Linkage of the guarantee with the respective underlying transaction
  • Generation of electronic payment instructions
  • Maturity lists, reminder functions
  • Management of indirect guarantees

This question is all about saving time & money by streamlining your treasury process. The TRINITY TMS can optimize your:

  • Payment process:
    • Create your payment files and send them to your banks via your existing EB system(s).
    • Set up a global payment factory
  • Trade finance process: our Letters of Credit & Guarantee module is the most advanced in the market.
  • Intercompany invoicing process: Setting up a global netting centre is easy!
  • System integration: the TRINITY TMS can be integrated with external systems.