What actions do I need to take?

International Payments Factory - (Payments Module)

Payments Standard

In this case, the TRINITY TMS would create the specific payment file(s) that can be exported to a (secured) file from where the treasury employee can import the respective file(s) into the EB system.

Payments Advanced

TRINITY TMS offers an integrated, bank independent payment platform that can connect your banks via SWIFT/EBICS/H2H. The optimised way to communicate with your banks is part of the implementation process of this module.

The advantage is twofold:

  • a single interface, company-wide, for sending payments and collecting statements.
  • maximum control of your company’s ‘cash out’ to third party payments and minimise banking fees.

After you have determined your cash position and exposure, you might need to take action by initiating a financial transaction (FX/Loan/Swap etc.) or arrange the settlement of an existing contract.

The system offers all deal types used by international corporates and will generate the journal entries and settlement instructions. It is also possible to attach documentation to transactions.

Last but not least, it is a bank independent EB system.