Our solutions presented at Finance Symposium 18 - 20 May 2022

Take the opportunity to meet Omikron specialists in person at the 33rd Financial Symposium in Mannheim, where they will present our solutions for European Payment Hub, Sanctions Screening, Denied Party Check and AML, eBAM and more. This important event will take place on 18-20. May 2022. Link to the conference here.

The current harmonisation efforts in European payments are generating first results and are opening new options for Electronic Banking in many areas. In combination with the EBICS communication standard, new XML formats allow corporates to make significant progress in standardising and unifying their banking processes. An e-banking platform supporting multibanking while also allowing country and bank-specific features to be integrated makes the establishment of an international payment hub for all European payments possible.

Sanctions screening, denied parties checks, embargo and AML

Adhering to regulatory and internal compliance requirements places heavy demands on corporates. The best opportunity to meet these requirements is to rely on a central system that can handle these tasks digitally and that can be flexibly adapted to new regulations. The key to such a solution is the smooth integration into the corporate's process organisation and its payment workflows.

Solutions and tools for the new, digital working models are already available. Among the areas covered are e-banking, e-BAM, KYC, sanctions screening and bank service billing. When successfully deployed, these tools allow the level of standardization and automation in business workflows to be significantly increased. This provides a sound and secure foundation for today’s corporate banking.

Omikron is contributing the following workshops to the programme:

European Payment Hub: Standardisation and process harmonisation with EBICS and XML - a field report from Eckes-Granini

  • The selection process: internal preparation, bank coordination, system selection
  • Implementation: project management and efficient support
  • Country and bank-specific requirements: relationship in cash management helps
  • Exploiting synergies: an e-banking project is always also an ERP project

Frank Kieras, Eckes-Granini Group GmbH, Director Treasury
Katharina Schneider, Eckes-Granini Group GmbH, Manager Accounting & Treasury
Gregor Opgen-Rhein, Omikron e-banking solutions, Senior Sales Consultant

Wednesday 18.05.2022 14:15 – 15:05

Sanctions Screening and Denied Party Checks in Deutsche Post DHL's MultiCash Payment Hub

  • Internal and external requirements are increasing: Background information
  • Sanctions, Denied Parties, Embargo, AML: Many terms - one objective
  • Workflows and process descriptions: Business Process Optimisation
  • Lessons Learned

Sebastian Richter, Deutsche Post AG, Head of Corporate Treasury Services (CTS)
Tobias Wagner, Omikron e-banking solutions, Project Manager

Wednesday 18.05.2022 15:35 – 16:25

EBAM and KYC in current projects at DAX and mid-sized corporates - best practice approaches and lessons learned

  • EBAM / KYC - complementary treasury processes in one system solution
  • Quick wins from the customer's point of view - thanks to modular extensions
  • Status report on current implementation projects at banks
  • Live demo of the MultiCash EBAM solution

Gregor Opgen-Rhein, Omikron e-banking solutions, Senior Sales Consultant
Tobias Wagner, Omikron e-banking solutions, Project Manager

Wednesday 18.05.2022 16:55 – 17:45

Take the opportunity to have a closer look on our solutions, exchange ideas in our workshops or discuss your upgrade to the digital future at Omikron booth 52. You are welcome to make an appointment in advance at expertendialog@omikron.de.


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