EastNets provides state-of-the-art solutions in the fight against financial fraud, allowing institutions to track, investigate, and respond to suspicious transactions in real time.

en.SafeWatch Payment Guard

Over the last several years, the number, sophistication, and severity of cyber-attacks has increased drastically. For the financial sector in particular, the integration of various payments processing systems, messaging interfaces, and other global systems and technologies has opened up new vulnerabilities, making it more challenging than ever for financial institutions to protect themselves against unauthorized users and cyber-attackers. Banks and other financial entities are in dire need of new, robust lines of defense.

With en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard, financial institutions can rest assured that their most valuable payment activities such as high-value SWIFT messages – are kept safe and secure. Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the solution  minimizes the impact of cyber-attacks through the swift network. It detects and intercepts suspicious activity in real time, while reducing the incidence of false positives. en.SafeWatch PaymentGuard is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use system that provides an added layer of security and compliance to the fight against financial crime.


  • Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to minimize the impact of cyber attacks through the swift network.
  • Payment analysis and transaction interception in the SWIFT messaging interface.
  • Advanced case management.
  • Intrusion fighting in the second line of defense.
  • Optimal detection model accuracy reducing false positive hits.
  • Security, high availability, and performance.